Delta Shield is a management consulting firm that aims to unleash the huge potential existing in family businesses, where the second or third young generation is being introduced to the business We focus on young entrepreneurs of the "Gen Y" generation with their worldly education and “civic minded”. We help them build an infrastructure that will serve them best.

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About Delta Shield

Over the past 35 years we have successfully directly built various financial companies which all directly play a role in the building of growth companies. We have worked with companies in their start-up phase or existing growing businesses. We have helped in growth funding these companies internally through assessing the various financial debt or equity tools, or negotiating and implementing alliances and necessary M&A’s to be prepared for listing if that is best for their long-term plans
With our diverse financial backgrounds, varying from corporate banking, capital markets and leasing, along with our international and local experience, we focus on servicing small and medium enterprises and start-ups, using our professional network to deliver to our clients a long-term relationship acting as an “owners’ representative”. Delta’s entrepreneurial journey commenced in 1994, with the rebirth of the Egyptian Capital Market. With a vision to build financially strong institutions we partnered with numerous top-notch international names like American Express Bank and ABN AMRO Bank NV to deliver high business know-how at speed. We have learnt that strong infrastructures can only be built on good, transparent corporate governances. Which does not only provide stakeholders with comfort for the long-term relationships but also fast tracks the growth of companies given the ability to access both investors and financial institutions to easily assess how best to finance that growth Delta Shield was established in 2007 following Delta’s success in Brokerage 1994, Asset Management 1997, SME Investments 2008, Leasing 2010, and Fund Services 2012 Today, Delta Shield focuses on family businesses, providing various financial service advices and providing the team who will deliver based on the needs of the businesses. Whilst our well-built incubator and accelerators have been span off to our new company “Delta Inspire” whose shareholders have contributed over decades to the socio-economic structure of our beloved country Delta inspire our incubator, accelerator management arm, is managing the funds of “138 Pyramids” an SME Venture Capital initiative launched in an effort to play an active role in supporting Egyptian entrepreneurs. Delta Inspire aims to target high impact businesses with high employment opportunities at their early stages to either incubate them or accelerate their growth, unraveling their true potential and partnering via “138 Pyramids”

Sister Companies

  • Delta inspire

    An investment management firm built by entrepreneurs and financiers in an effort to play an active role in supporting Egyptian entrepreneurs. It aims to create a one-stop shop for the companies to facilitate their growth throughout all their phases and ultimately help them realize their dreams. It believes in the positive power of businesses and therefore partner with the teams passionately pursuing them to co-create successful companies Visit Site



  • 138 Pyramids

    A hybrid financial vehicle of social entrepreneurship, angels, venture capital and private equity. It aims to help entrepreneurs build businesses or grow their existing platform, so that whilst scaling they create job opportunities as well as wealth to all the stakeholders. Egypt has 138 Pharonic Pyramids structures: a symbol of advancement and a brand that made ancient Egyptian civilization prominent over centuries. The construction of a pyramid was a main driver for the establishment of internal settlements positioning Egypt among the first true estates in the world. Moreover, the Pyramids advocated economic growth and catered for the birth of new talents and the flourishment of learning and research. Today, we are taking the initiative to take the hands of Egyptian entrepreneurs to build the future of Egypt with 138 new Pyramids in the form of start-ups and early stage growth companies in different industries. Visit Site

What we do

Delta’s aim has always been to build companies that not only contribute to the economic wealth of their owners, but also to their employees and various stakeholders, creating a healthy working environment. Attaining that aim, easily attracts financial institutions and investors, all eager to access companies that have well-built infrastructures, i.e. good 'Corporate Governance'.

Our role:

1. Choose companies willing to forego the structuring journey. Whether they list or not is then a choice.

2. Perform a quick strategy and performance review of the company & market, to allow us together build the future growth plans.

3. Design and develop the governance and organization model to allow implementation of the growth strategy; this includes:

Family charter

Company organizational chart

ESOP and other retention methods

Support in the implementation (timing is as needed)

Reaching the companies potential growth may require:



Spin off some parts of the business


Restructuring and turn around


Listing on EGX with IPO


Incubation agreement if to list in NILEX


Strategic partnership agreements and valuations


Whatever the format of investment banking service is needed, we ensure to deliver the team and networks to forego the process.

Our experience allows us to select the best of class partnership and alliances from the local and international markets. It also allows us to negotiate in the best interest of the shareholders (current and future) a deal to grow companies, be it acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures.

We believe in win-win to all stakeholders but inclusive of the social impact all the time! We believe that our focus on corporate governance allows companies to fully expand on their potential and may hence grow locally and internationally. As they do so they contribute to employment, general welfare and ultimately overall GDP growth.

To our Young entrepreneurs

I look today with both hope and skepticism on the future.

Today we are caught within the making of Egypt’s history, building our new future. One looks with great hope to a very bright and different future, extracted on the interaction with our incredible youth, be they from family businesses or entrepreneurs struggling to find their way, all the way from the Delta to Upper Egypt and from East to West.

This “gen Y” also known as millennial generation, has found itself being taught in a digital global market, they have high expectations and no patience. It is our role as “gen X” or baby boomers that have worked hard effortlessly, to bridge the experience gap and help this young generation achieve what we may not have.

To family SME businesses, we urge you to unleash your full potential. Doing that you grow not only your own wealth but also that of your employees and stakeholders. More importantly, your institutions out live you for many generations to come. It is hard to imagine where to begin and even if you are really ready for it, especially as the 2nd generation comes in and siblings and family rivalry begins —it can all be well structured to encompass all and together plan accordingly!

To the young entrepreneurs, I raise my hat, especially to those whose target is to take the struggle and stick around to see that they can achieve their dreams on the ground. “When there is a will, there is a way” hard but achievable.

I am but one of many who are today reaching out to this wonderful generation lending a hand to create what we believe “Economically independent individuals”.

I know that together we shall make the difference and be proud of all our relationships and hopefully be among the many successes our Egypt is to witness.

As Gandhi put it “Be the Change you wish to see in the World”.

Neveen El Tahri

Egypt’s Women Leaders on the Rise

Recent studies indicate that more women in company leadership can increase company performance and that boards with high female representation experience a 53% higher return on equity than those with the least female representation. Women outperform in sales by 42% and have a 66% higher return on invested capital, according to an independent British review by Lord Davies. A McKinsey & Company study, as have others, show similar results: more female business leadership is better for performance.
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Neveen El Tahri

Board and Team

Chairperson and Managing Director is a serial entrepreneur and financial expert, Neveen El Tahri.

She has a core team to provide the required services delivered by experienced partners that are mostly either incubated or accelerated through Delta or partnerships. The admin staff and audit services are the core to commence with and we draw upon our extensive network depending on the new relationship requiring our services.

We believe that we can build on our capital market know-how, to prepare the relationship/partnerships infrastructure list on any of the exchanges and access equity capital depending on the phase the company is at. Whilst our banking know-how delivers the access to the best tools in terms of debt in its various forms and options.

Approach Us

Approach Us

Our “raison d’etre” is to deliver on the promise, that we support our clients/partners in fulfilling their current needs and in realizing their dreams. We aim to be the proactive & trusted financial partner in all phases of our clients’ life. We listen, offer advice, connect and service all aiming to become the partner that will strive to deliver beyond expectations to reach the ultimate DREAM. We shall not only use our own expertise, but those of many of the market’s finest service, financial and consultancy counter-parties, using our network to deliver the required solution.

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